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Andrew Cawrse + Kris Costa
Type: Drawing & Sculpting (Digital)
Medium: Photoshop & Zbrush
Location: Gnomon School, LA, CA US (map)
Duration: 5 days - 8 hour /day
Dates: APRIL '2015 Wed.2nd to Sun.6th,
Time: 9:00am-6:00pm,
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Overview: Mastering Human Anatomy in ZBrush
Andrew Cawrse teaches from beginning artists and surgeons the aesthetics, form and function of human anatomy. He will be teaching this one-time, ZBrush 4 x day workshops in Los Angeles on foundational & advanced anatomy. Joined by assistant instructor, world famous artist, Kris Costa. This workshop is an active learning course meant for all digital artists who wish to master the figure. Bring notebooks and any anatomy challenges you want solved. You will be drawing, sculpting & working digitally from instructor demonstration, course notes, & in ZBrush side -by-side with Andrew & Kris from a live model and lecturer demonstration, complete with step by step exercises to demystify anatomy.

DAY-1 & 2 SUMMARY : The Figure, Construction, Pose, & Proportion, Anatomy of the Torso. Orientation will involve working from your imagination & life instead of relying on 2d reference. This weekend presents an overview of the figure from proportion to gesture, through principle construction, & how to plot the body in pose with the structure & behavior of the skeleton. Refine your understanding of the 4 skeletal masses, mass construction of the entire head and figure. You will then move onto the specific anatomy of the Head, Neck & Torso, including function, movement and sculptural forms. All lectures will be working with or from a live model in Zbrush,

DAY-3 & 4 SUMMARY : The Anatomy Challenges of the Shoulders, Upper and Lower Limbs, Hands and Feet. Very few anatomical areas are more frustrating for the artist than these areas. These 2 days are dedicated to tackling them head on. Examples will be reviewed of these body parts in movement, in flexion and extension.

DAY-3 & 5 SUMMARY : The Proportions, forms and features of the head. Male and Female Comparative Anatomy, male and female Fat Pad distribution. Examples will be reviewed of all of these.

Instructor Andrew Cawrse is an internationally sought after instructor who teaches both traditional and digital artists worldwide in Anatomy and about the human figure. With an established background as a former Digital Creature Supervisor & Art Department concept sculptor at Industrial Light & Magic, he has become the expert anatomy teacher & consultant for the VFX industry, including Pixar & Lucasfilm.

Instructor Kris Costa is a world famous digital artist, who teaches artists about the human figure. Currently Kris works at Industrial Light & Magic, working as both a creature and hard-surface modeler. He also has had a long history of awards and amazing work featured in CG competitions, and Pixologic's galleries (makers of ZBrush)
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