Instructor Bio: Carlos Huante

Carlos Huante Biography

Was born in east L.A. in 1965. From the very get out of the womb, the arts were in him. Besides chilaquiles and Yerba Buena (mint tea), Carlos grew up on stop-motion monster movies.

Since that time he has pursued his passion for the arts by creating some of the most innovative monsters and characters, for both film and animation, that the world has ever seen. MONSTRUO is a collection of Carlos' personal, original work. With more than 150 illustrations, it features a wonderful range of monster and character designs, from simple pencil sketches that magically capture the gesture of his subject, to full-color digital and traditional media paintings. Carlos began his career designing creatures for the Ghostbusters animated series, and is currently part of the creature development team at Lucas Digital, having designed monsters and creatures for Men in Black, Men in Black 2, Mighty Joe Young, Hellboy 1 & 2, Blade 3, Van Helsing, War of the Worlds, Spiderwick Chronicles, and a long list of other projects & movies.

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