Instructor Bio: Viktor Deak

Human Evolution is more than a passion for Viktor Deak; it has become his life’s work.  He has worked as a professional Paleo-Artist in New York City for over a decade. Viktor Specializes in the forensic reconstruction of fossil hominids, creating life-like anatomically correct scientific reconstructions, for museums, books, magazines and television. 
His current projects include a forthcoming book about the evolution of human anatomy, anatomical research at Mt. Sinai Medical NYC, a variety of commissions for anthropologists worldwide.
“I have made it my mission over the years to find whatever medium works best in bringing our origins to life. A journey beginning with pencil and paint, transitioning into clay and silicone, and now evolving into lens, pixel, and polygon; the universe that is our origins is the most important story I can think of to dedicate myself to. Since I cannot travel in time, I want my art to be the vehicle that brings world long gone back into our everyday existence…and it all begins with anatomy.”
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His clients have ranged from 20th Century Fox, The National Geographic Channel, BBC, and Nova.  His works are feature attractions in natural history museums worldwide, including The American Museum of Natural History NYC and The Houston Museum of Natural Sciences TX.  
Viktor is the co-creator of the award-winning book “The Last Human” and later went on to scientifically consult on 2011’s Rise of The Planet of the Apes.