Animal Anatomy > Wolf 1:8 Anatomy v.PVC
Wolf 1:8 Anatomy v.PVC
Wolf 1:8 Anatomy v.PVC
Recreated at 1:8 life-size, from an actual wolf, this desktop sized model, shows different anatomy systems, proportions, superficial & deeper anatomy & influence of underlying muscle & bone. Cast in neutral grey it is ideal for display of form & ideally suited for artistic reference, educational & student purposes. Includes high quality base & stand.
“No animals were harmed in creating these products"

Scientific name: canis lupus
Product size: 9.4, 2.75, 5"/ 24,7,13 cm (L W H)
materials: pvc, metal, acrylic
created: meet the artist / team > “coming soon"


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SKU# evo004-pv2-1-8scale

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