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Andrew Cawrse
Type: Drawing & Sculpture
Medium: Clay or ZBrush
Pre-requisites: Skill in ZBrush

Duration: 5 days
Dates: March 2023 Wed.29th-April Sun.2nd
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm,
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ONSITE Animal Anatomy Workshop - Canine [Feline] (beginner to intermediate)

Learn anatomy through the most beneficial & proven learning medium of physical 3-dimensional sculpture
in either medium of Clay (traditional) or ZBrush (digital).

Live demonstrations & one-on-one personal instruction. For beginner to intermediate artists, 
both digital & traditional, with a focus on the Wolf, but attendees can choose to do a big cat alternatively
(onsite traditional vs online digital ... more info>)

Course Overview: COMING SOON  
Course includes in-depth study of The Wolf with human & animal comparative anatomy to these and other mammals.

RE: Is the workshop a Canine or Feline workshop? Will both animals be studied?
- it is focused on the canine (wolf) but you can choose either this animal or a Feline (big cat). Demonstrations are transferable to both these animals, and you get a binder and armature etc for the animal you choose.
RE: Is the workshop in ZBrush or Clay?
Either however majority are doing the workshop in clay.

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