Artist Workshop FAQ's
On-Site Workshops


What are Workshops?
Why use sculpture to learn anatomy?
How do I apply?
How much do they cost?
What tools do I need?
What about armatures, supplies, & materials?
Do I need to submit a portfolio?
How do I submit my own design?
Where are the workshops held?
What are the minimum requirements to sign up?

Are Refunds available?

NO refund will be given for cancellation by applicant.
All workshop deposits, installments, payments are non-refundable. If you have any questions or concerns about refunds; tuition; your qualifications; daily requirements; personal health or other concerns; please contact us at: >

Those applicants who need to cancel, although no refund is given, they can apply this credit to a future workshops if taken within 12 months, beyond this time all credit is void. This may not be combined with product specials or additional discounts.

  • BEFORE YOU SIGN UP - Please read the 'What are the minimum requirements to sign up?' before registering or making any payments/ deposits. 
    If an instructor determines that you do not qualify for a particular class, either before or during, any tuition deposit or payments made will be fully refunded, less the $25.00 application fee.
  • Workshop Changes/Reschedule - If requires a workshop date to change or an instructor substitution, combine to workshops to be held together, the applicant is entitled to a full refund, should they choose to cancel.
  • Workshop Cancellation - i) In the event that determines that a workshop must be cancelled, all tuition fees and deposits paid will be refunded in full. There is no refund other than tuition costs, this includes but is not limited to any materials, tools, supplies or armatures; travel; airfare; hotel; transportation or shipping. ii) In the event that a Workhop must be cancelled due to a Natural Disaster, no tuition refund or reimbursement whatsoever will be returned by to Participant or for any personal or third party costs, included but not limited to travel, accommodation, leave of work. A tuition credit will remain with the Participant for future workshops for up to 24 calendar months from the original scheduled workshop. We encourage Participants to obtain travel insurance for workshops particularly if traveling from overseas.
On-Line Workshops


How do On-Line Courses work?
How do I upload homework?
How do I view an Instructor critique?
What is the Upgrade Option, and is it right for me?
Can I take more than 1 On-Line course simultaneously?
How much time commitment will I need each week?
What do I need to prepare for class?
Can I view my classes any time? What about time differences?
What are the advantages of taking an On-Line course?
What is the structure of an On-Line course?
Are these courses available to other countries?
What is the teaching approach?
How can I get feedback on my work?
How do I register for an On-Line course?
What are the System Requirements?
How can I test my internet speed is fast enough?
What Hardware/Software do I need?