Artist Workshop FAQ's
On-Site Workshops

What are Workshops?
Why use sculpture to learn anatomy?
How do I apply?
How much do they cost?
What tools do I need?
What about armatures, supplies, & materials?
Do I need to submit a portfolio?
How do I submit my own design?
Where are the workshops held?
What are the minimum requirements to sign up?
Are Refunds available?
On-Line Workshops

How do On-Line Courses work?
How do I upload homework?
How do I view an Instructor critique?
What is the Upgrade Option, and is it right for me?
Can I take more than 1 On-Line course simultaneously?
How much time commitment will I need each week?
What do I need to prepare for class?
Can I view my classes any time? What about time differences?
What are the advantages of taking an On-Line course?
What is the structure of an On-Line course?
Are these courses available to other countries?
What is the teaching approach?
How can I get feedback on my work?
How do I register for an On-Line course?
What are the System Requirements?
How can I test my internet speed is fast enough?
What Hardware/Software do I need?