About Us
Brief Company Background
AnatomyTools.com was founded 2003 in San Francisco, USA, and has become highly-regarded world-wide as a preeminent source for educational materials on human anatomy. Uniquely our company has equally served the requirements of the art, entertainment and medical/health industries with our physical instructional models & modern photographic literature, which are some of the worlds most life-like and accurate reference tools available.  

We combine both the latest in medical computer capture technology, with some of the worlds best anatomy and visual artists, who collaborate with medical and health specialists to create tools which both professionals and students utilize. All of our products are easily assimilated for those with or without expert clinical or art training. 

We have currently made more than 400 individual anatomical, art, health and medical products both for AnatomyTools.com and private companies. We also produce private label anatomy works for select distributors. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are a new company but are eager to provide or make the tools you need.
contact: customerservice@anatomytools.com

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