Digital or Traditional?
On-Site Students Using Digital Mediums

Students who wish to participate in the workshops in a digital medium, are responsible for supplying their own computer equipment, software, and other equipment/ materials for the course. Courses focus on the educational material, and are not to be considered as training on how to use a particular software, unless otherwise stated. If you choose to do the assignments in a digital medium, Instructors will assume you already know how to use any software you are using and have tested prior to the class any equipment setup.

Please let us know what software, computer & equipment you are bringing so that our staff can organize appropriate power and setup for you. please email this information>

Although not required, Instructors recommend using a Tablet input device for both drawing and sculpting, Wacom Intuos4, higher or equivalent is recommended.

For Drawing
The majority of Instructors / classes utilize Photoshop, Painter, Sketch, however you should check software suggestions/ requirements for each class.  For the Michael Hampton Weekend drawing workshop, only portable computers, like laptops, ipads etc are allowed, no towers or workstations etc. [ie your lap is your desk]

For Sculpting
The majority of Instructors / classes utilize Zbrush, however you should check software suggestions/ requirements for each class.
On-Site Human Anatomy Level1, 2 & 3 with Andrew Cawrse are traditional clay classes only.
Zbrush Software Discount
Students may purchase a special Workshop discount versions of ZBrush... here>
(note you must be a workshop participant to qualify for this discount) (ATC) is not responsible for the loss or damage of computers, equipment, tools, and other personal property brought to ATC On-Site or Off-site workshops or into other facilities/ buildings. All instances of loss should be reported immediately to ATC senior staff. Workshop Participants are advised not to leave computer equipment or other valuable property unattended. Personal property left, or lost and subsequently found cannot be stored indefinitely. If the owner has not claimed the property from ATC within 30 days or cannot be reached for instructions within that period, the item will be considered voluntarily abandoned and will be disposed of or donated.