Instructor Bio: Andrew Cawrse

Andrew Cawrse Biography

Established worldwide as an authority on artistic anatomy and instruction he is recognized as a creator of some of the worlds most incredible products for anatomy education. Andrew also has a distinguished background in movie VFX, with over 9 years at Industrial Light & Magic as a model supervisor & digital concept sculptor. His effects work has been featured in the films Avatar, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Van Helsing, Dreamcatcher, Star Wars Episode I & II, Mission to Mars & Galaxy Quest, & technical consultant on Pirates of The Carribean II. Andrew left the entertaiment industry to pursue his interest in Anatomy. His Anatomical work has been shown on the BBC, The History channel, The Discovery Channel, Bravo, Mythbusters and a variety of forensic and educational programming worldwide.

Andrew Cawrse is one of the world's most sought after anatomy instructors, he teaches in both traditional and digital mediums, and instructs medical, game, vfx & fine art professionals, see some of his anatomical sculptures here >

Andrew now spends the majority of his time following his true love of fine art sculpture. His work has been shown in New York by the National Sculpture Society by award & invitation, and he is scheduled to release his private exhibition and collection of works in 2014. To be considered to join his private fine art mailing list, please visit: