Instructor Bio: Joe Weatherly

Joe Weatherly is a Southern California based artist specializing in the drawing and painting of animals. His style is bold and vigorous capturing the essence and drama of the subjects he draws and paints. The attitude and expression of the animal’s character along with telling a visual story is what his work conveys. Conservation of the natural world is something Joe is very passionate about and hopes his work will motivate people to protect it and promote its survival. A recent publication of Joe’s is, The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals  that he wrote and illustrated. This book has sold many copies around the world and is used as a textbook in several art colleges and universities. Teaching drawing is a part-time endeavor of Joe’s and some of his clients include Dreamworks Feature Animation, Universal Studios, Laguna College of Art and Design, and The Academy of Art in San Francisco. Joe is an associate member of the Society of Animal Artists, holds an M.F.A in Illustration from California State University Fullerton. He has also had one man Shows of his oil paintings at Ford Motor Companies Corporate Headquarters and California State University Fullerton.