Instructor Bio: Kris Costa

Kris Costa

Currently Kris Costa is a Senior Digital Artist at Industrial Light & Magic Ltd. Award winning Brazilian CG artist. Kris had participated, as character animator, texture artist and/or digital modeler in productions such The Avengers, Transformers 2 and 3, Pacific Rim, Rango, Barnyard, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Mist, Evan Almighty among others. His tools of choice are ZBrush, Maya, VRay and Photoshop. Kris had won the 3D Grand Prize in two of the CGTalk’s Challenges “MachineFlesh” and “Master and Servant”, the biggest online CG challenges of this kind. He used ZBrush extensively in both challenges. Kris “Antropus” Costa have his works, texts and interviews published in several websites, books and magazines. He had also created lots of free tutorials to help beginners and advanced users learning modeling, texturing, shading etc.

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Film Credit History
The Avengers: Modeled the giant bio-mechanical monster eels
detailed Banner/Hulk's skin, including pores, wrinkles, veins scars etc. I also created custom fine detailed displacement maps for Hulk's close-up/hero shots
Transformers: modeled “Sideswipe”, “Hooligan”, “WheelJack”, “The Fallen”, the “Twins”, the Mother Ships and helped modeling many different parts for many different assets, including the giant “Devastator”.
Pacific Rim: creature and hard surface modeler
Rango: modeled “Waffles”, the “Spirit of The West”, the “Roadrunners” and some other secondary characters
Barnyard: character animator
Pan's Labyrinth: character animator, modeler
The Mist: character animator, modeler
Evan Almighty: animator