Medical Workshop Supplies & Materials
Workshop Supplies
These are the personal tools, armatures, supplies, and recommendations, designed & used by our instructors in our Workshops.
  • Review all the items relevant to the workshop or course you are attending, including necessary armatures.
    • Supplies that are "required" are marked with a RED .
    • Supplies that are "recommended" are marked with a BLUE .

    • *Note: Students will be provided with clay at the workshop and billed only for the materials & clay they use. Sculpting stands and porfessional Artist Models are provided by

      Workshop supplies are for workshop students only!
      Please do not add these products to your cart through the Workshop Supplies page unless you are enrolled in the related workshop.
      You may find that some of the products listed below are currently market as "Unavailable" (or "Sold out", etc...) in other areas of our on-line store. We have a limited supply of some products that we reserve for students enrolled in our workshops.

Aesthetic Anatomy: Sculpture for Surgeons & Physicians

1. Custom skeleton armature for their learning, it is digitally generated from a real skeleton

+ to cart $149 + S & H

A-R3. Basic Sculpting Tool Set
- Tools are required or their eqivalents. For larger photos or to purchase individual tools ... click this link>

+ to cart $189 + S & H

C1. 18in Proportional caliper

+ to cart $69 + S & H

5. pen/pencil & notebook

Also recommended:

2. toolbag/box click here >

3. camera for your work

4. wrench and pliers