Workshop Participation General Agreement & Assumption of Risk
 Please read, print, sign and email the below agreement to us at: (Ctrl+P - print page 2-3 to avoid header/footer)

Aesthetic Anatomy Training - Las Vegas

In consideration of Infinite Teach NV Inc. dba (the "Company", “ATC” or “”) providing one or more anatomical sculpting instructional workshops (“Workshop(s)”), and permitting the Participant (as defined below) to attend the Workshop(s) and use certain facilities and Company resources in connection with the Workshop(s), and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the undersigned attending Student ("Participant") hereby expressly acknowledges and agrees as follows:
The Participant: (a) is over eighteen (18) years of age and has voluntarily elected to participate in the Workshop(s) “at their own risk”, with full awareness and acceptance of the risks which may result from such activity; (b) understands that the activities occurring during the Workshop(s) involve the risk of bodily injury to the Participant; and (c) agrees that the Company is not and shall not be liable in any way for any accident, injury or loss that the Participant may incur in connection with such activity, or any 3rd party costs or expenses incurred directly or indirectly associated with such activity, including but not limited to event changes, natural disasters, or any necessary rescheduling of activity. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, this agreement does not apply to rights that as a matter of law cannot be waived or released.

              The Participant hereby releases the Company and its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees and agents from and against any liability whatsoever for any injury, damage or loss which may result to the Participant and / or to the Participant's property as a result of or in connection with participating in the Workshop(s), including but not limited to any injury related to any transport or accommodation information provided by Company or its volunteers described below.

Safety First - Good Health & Safety practices and COVID-19 specific
The Participant understands and agrees that during their attendance and participation of the workshops, that they are individually responsible for: their own safety regarding personal tool and equipment use, sanitary and social distancing practices; that they will follow safety signs and guidelines; follow safety instructions from authorized ATC staff; if they observe or are asked to undertake an activity that they believe is unsafe to their health and well being that they agree to alert the instructor or ATC staff immediately; protecting themselves and others from COVID-19: by avoiding close contact with others; wearing a cloth mask / face covering that covers both nose and mouth; in addition to ATC staff cleaning and disinfecting frequently commonly touched surfaces, facilities and equipment participant agrees to wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and use the alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations provided by ATC or personal sanitizing supplies.

The Participant understands and agrees that they are solely responsible for the safekeeping and storage of their own computers / devices / artworks / tools / belongings, and that they should never leave their valuables unattended.

The Company does not tolerate, and Participant will not engage in discriminatory, harassing, or disruptive behavior. All Participants will be respectful of ATC staff, instructors, artist models and vendors, and will follow the reasonable instructions of instructors required in the teaching of the Workshop(s) curriculum.

To avoid interruption to other Participants’ learning, cell phones must be switched off and are not to be used during class, unless prior arrangements are made with the Workshop(s) instructor.  Any Participant who ‘must’ be ‘on-call’ any time during the workshop, should notify the Workshop(s) instructor(s), and excuse themselves to take any “emergency” calls outside of the main workshop building.

Participants are required to provide / purchase their own tools, supplies and materials. Please order all supplies before the workshop, accept clay which will be provided and billed for amount used during the workshop. All Workshop(s) materials are provided “as-is” and ATC makes no warranty regarding the quality of such materials, including but not limited to, their fitness for any purpose, non-infringement of third party rights, accuracy, completeness or correctness. ATC hereby disclaims and will not provide indemnification to Participant in connection with any liability or claim related to this agreement and/or its subject matter, including but not limited to any claims arising from physical injuries to Participant and /or any third party related to the Workshop(s).

Extended use of Company facilities
Use of Workshop(s) studio space after class hours is by appointment and ATC approval only. Workshop(s) studio space may at ATC's sole discretion be kept open after class hours to complete work by individual Participant request. For security reasons, Participants working after hours will notify ATC staff when they are leaving, no participant can stay or work at facilities without an ATC staff member present.

Participants understand and accept that they are responsible to organize their own transport to and from any workshop location. Furthermore Participants understand and agree if they choose to accept or ask for help with any personal transport, with either or, any other Participants, company staff or company volunteers, including, but not limited to, transport to and from their accommodations, that this is a completely "at your own risk" choice by the Participant. Participants understand and accept that in no way whatsoever is not offering any transportation service. ATC also makes no promises, guarantees or reimbursements for missed schedules/ flights or other costs related to transportation choices made by Participants.

Photography & Recording by Participants
Participant may photograph his/her own work, and work in progress against a blank background.

No other photographing or recording of models, instructors, workshop materials, instructor demonstrations, artworks or other Participants is allowed without their prior written permission. All lectures are the property of the individual lecturer and /or the Company.

Hands-on Instruction

The Participant understands and agrees that irrelevant of whether ATC instructors work on the Participant’s project(s), or not any promotion of such projects by the Participant will be accompanied by a credit in the following form: "Sculpted during in [ name of workshop ] Workshop".

Please inform the instructor if you do not wish them to work on your work with you. [Note: this may seriously reduce the educational benefits of the Workshop(s)].

Filming in Class by Company
Participant’s willingness to support the marketing of our workshops, is crucial for the workshop’s success in allowing the company to fund and provide these learning experiences and invite Celebrity Guest Instructor’s involvement.
Film crews may shoot film footage and/or photography of the Workshop(s), Participants and their work, and may ask the Participant’s opinions on the Workshop(s). Participant hereby grants Company and its licensees and assigns the right to videotape and photograph and record his/her name, likeness, voice, image and interview (unless initialed below refusing interviews), and to use all or any part of the results and proceeds of such videotaping, photography and / or recording, including behind the scenes footage (“Materials”) and reproductions thereof, without Participant approval, in and as part of: (a) audio and / or audiovisual programs (“Programs”); and (b) the promotion and advertising of the Workshop(s) and / or the Programs. All such Materials shall be a work-made-for hire under US Copyright law made for and on behalf of Company, and Company will be considered the author of the Materials for all purposes. Participant hereby irrevocably assigns all rights in and to the Materials to Company and releases and holds harmless Company, its licensees and assigns from any liability, claims or actions arising out of or in connection with the Materials and the use thereof pursuant to any of the rights hereby granted. appreciates

__________ If you wish to opt out?  You may refuse to be interviewed about your experience at the workshop, by initialing here. [Note: this may force you to be absent from the workshop for small periods during filming, and reduce your learning experience.]
Mark "X" here _____ if you request NOT be filmed or photographed at all, and our staff will respectfully place a RED DOT on your name badge or armature stand for film crew to be aware to not feature you in any interview or primary footage. Background footage will also be considered to not include you in but can not be guaranteed due to the size and dynamic nature of the class.
SPECIAL NOTE - For medical Participants
The workshops are an informative hands-on didactic course to train Participants in clay sculpting technique and teach participants structural and functional artistic anatomy and aesthetics of the human head/neck and body. The information provided during the workshop is not intended to substitute for formal medical training or certification, or serve as medical or surgical guidelines, recommendations, or advice.
The Company is in no way responsible for surgical credentialing or training in surgical procedure or technique, nor adaptions the physician would apply to surgical procedures after partaking in the course, nor are the workshops described a replacement for hospital credentialing requirements. All curricula described are subject to change depending on available resources, as well as on the needs of the course participants. The Workshops are not intended to provide medical advice or physician instruction on the management of medical or surgical patients, and information provided should not be used for diagnostic or medical training purposes. In advanced level workshops may provide exposure in an cadaver anatomical lab, but does not train on surgical dissecting procedures or techniques, nor does it take responsibility for proctoring services provided by the independent surgeon or educational proctors.

Refund Policy
NO refund will be given for cancellation by applicant. Refund Policy
Applicant Cancellation: NO refund will be given for cancellation by applicant. All workshop deposits, installments, payments are non-refundable, unless the workshop is cancelled by ATC. Although no refund is given, applicants can apply financial payments as credit to future workshops within 1 calendar year of the original workshop that was registered for by applicant. Those applicants who need to cancel must notify ATC in advance in writing, failure to do so will void any and all tuition / amounts paid.
Workshop Cancellation: - i) In the event that determine that a workshop must be cancelled, all tuition fees and deposits paid will be refunded in full. There is no refund other than tuition costs, this includes but is not limited to any materials, tools, supplies or armatures; travel; airfare; hotel; transportation or shipping.  ii) In the event of a Natural or man made Disaster, no-refund or reimbursement whatsoever will be returned by ATC to the Participant for any tuition,personal or third party costs, included but not limited to travel, accommodation, leave of work. Participants however, may apply unused tuition funds towards a future workshop.
Participants agree when signing up for any workshop / class with that any and all costs that are not the direct cost of the workshop tuition and supplies are at the sole risk and responsibility of the participant.
Guest Instructor Substitution / Cancellation - The purpose of the "guest instructor" role is to support the "principle instructor" when / if needed to assist in lectures and to individually attend to students needs through participation of a predetermined curriculum. reserves the right to i) to substitute any guest instructor in any given course with another guest deems qualifies for this role with or without notice and ii) with prior notice to attendees in advance to the event, cancel the need for a guest instructor at any time for any reason if class size attendance falls below a level that makes the course financially possible. If a guest instructor is not replaced by it will where possible to reduce class sizes to where it is calculated an additional support or "guest instructor" is not necessary. If this occurs attendees can choose to cancel there attendance within 10 days of the event, to receive a full refund for course tuition and supplies (minus a $75.00 processing fee).
If you have any questions or concerns about refunds; tuition; your qualifications; daily requirements; personal health or other concerns; please contact us at:

BEFORE YOU SIGN UP - Please read the 'What are the minimum requirements to sign up?' before registering or making any payments/ deposits. If an instructor determines that you do not qualify for a particular class, either before or during, any tuition deposit or payments made will be fully refunded, less the $25.00 application fee. 

Violation of Agreement
Failure by participants to follow any of the terms of this agreement, may result in the expulsion of participant/s from the workshop/s event & No refund will be given.

The Term of this Agreement will begin on its execution and end upon the conclusion of the Workshop(s), or as set forth below. If the Participant fails to comply with the terms of this agreement, ATC will notify the Participant of such fact. If the Participant does not immediately take steps to comply, ATC may cancel this Agreement, return Participant’s tuition on a pro-rated basis to account for the portion of the Workshop(s) completed, and be released from all other obligations to Participant hereunder. The ownership, release, ATC credit, disclaimer, indemnification and confidentiality provisions of this agreement will survive its expiration or termination.

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