Study with us Anytime, Anywhere!

We have combined all the advantages of self study tutorials with the live classroom.

You get the flexibility of studying with us from anywhere in the world and at your pace; with the benefits of direct interaction
with your instructor and class mates.

On-line studying is proving more effective & the new way of learning! Students receive demonstrations, instruction, assignments, lessons, and one-on-one live chat, & video critiques from our instructors, with the convenience to suit students own schedule and pace - you study with our Instructors from home ...more info>

Study with us On-Site & One-on-one!

These are rare, week-long intense work- shops at our facilities. Held only once a year, they are considered the boot-camps for anatomy. You receive 60+ hours of direct instruction & interaction with world class, celebrity Instructors.

You will work daily on:

1. Your own drawings & ecorche sculpture.

2. Studying from live models, who are professional athletes, models, performers.

3. Instructor live demonstrations, who work on your actual workshop pieces with you.

4. Classroom Lectures and class notes, as well as field trips ...more info>

We come to You!

Companies hire our instructors to come to their facilties to train their staff. Our instructors can customize their anatomy curriculum to suit companies needs and current project requirements. We teach digital & traditional mediums.

Our Instructors have taught all over the world, at both private companies and universities. Their client list include Pixar, Lucasfilm, ILM, EA, Activision, Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Ubisoft, Sony Picture Imageworks, & many other places.

Photo: courtesy Pixar Animation Studios.

... more info>