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Andrew Cawrse
Type: Traditional Sculpting
Medium: Clay & Sketchbook
Pre-requisites: None

Duration: 5 days
Dates: SEPT 2023 Wed.6th to Sun.10th
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm,
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ONSITE Human Anatomy Workshop - Level 1 (beginner to intermediate)

Learn anatomy through the most beneficial & proven learning medium, of physical 3-dimensional sculpture,  World Class Instructors, 50+ hours of original lectures & training, live demonstrations & one-on-one personal instruction. Level-1 is for beginners to intermediate artists, both digital & traditional, with a focus on female anatomy & form. Each attendee has a dedicated workspace: with a combined table and adjustable sculpting / drawing stand.

Course Overview: Instructor Andrew Cawrse, renowned Sculptor & Anatomist, Level-1 focuses on the skeleton, form, balance & influence of weight and fat. course includes in-depth study of balance; proportion and form of the skeleton; with female comparative anatomy.

Check out this live demonstration by Instructor Andrew Cawrse during class

Course description: From correct proportions & primitive forms to the step by step mapping of basic into complicated skeletal & muscular anatomy, attendees have to learn 2-dimensionally, drawing each anatomy step, then apply it 3-dimensionally to their sculptures. You will be studying from live World-class models. Attendees get to take their sculptures, tools and lecture materials home with them (shipping options from the workshops are also available, and can be organized with event staff)

• Principle Instructor Andrew Cawrse 
Sculptor, Anatomist & former cg Model Supervisor, teaches both surgeons & artists internationally. Benefit from his experience both medically & artistically. He is also the only artist asked to teach anatomy with world famous sculptor Richard MacDonald.

• Take notes Traditionally or digitally
Attendees can take notes practically in the binders provided, or digitally & be given an electronic version of the binder to take notes and draw on using an iPad or similar (Attendees are personally responsible for the safety & security of their own property)

• Custom figure armatures that move like the real skeleton
Working directly on our proprietary, medically accurate, skeleton armatures, you learn the correct proportions, shapes of the skeleton & how to recreate them accurately. These armatures allow for changes to your sculpture beyond the workshop>
• Map & learn the proportions of the body in 2 hours
Amazingly you will learn how to map the proportions of the human body in the first morning lectures and be practicing recreating the figure in different positions immediately, before moving onto more complicated divisions of the body.

• Classical training with Modern Techniques
Receive both classical fundamentals (lost in today's education); plus Andrew Cawrse's original, medically correct curriculum, combining lessons from the great art masters with modern approaches as applied to both digital & traditional mediums. muscle

• World-class Models 
Due to physical requirements & level of conditioning required for this level of study / figurative art, Models used are from Cirque du Soliel or similar in this course. Pictured is fashion model Jessica Dawn from the workshop.

• Instructor Critique & Assessment 
Attendees are required to highlight their pre-existing anatomy weaknesses to be worked on with the instructors, and so are encouraged to study their own existing work prior to the workshop to make sure this is addressed in this workshop.

• Focus on Female Anatomy
With a focus on female anatomy, this course provides original methodology and anatomical road maps to first understand proportion & form;Learn the flow of form, balance, posture, distribution of fat & areas of adhesion of the female form.

• Live demonstrations in HD display
From revisiting anatomy foundations to advanced surface aesthetics, instructors present live demonstrations on each subject which attendees can follow on large overhead monitors, while continuing to work at their stations.

• Reposing & finishing techniques
Reposing of the figure demonstrations & exercises are given, working with the models, and Finishing techniques.


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