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Andrew Cawrse
Traditional Sculpting
Medium: Clay & Sketchbook
Pre-requisites: Level 2 (or similar)

5 days - 10 hour /day,
Dates: MARCH 2025 Wed.19th to Sun.23rd
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm,
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Human Anatomy Workshop - Level 3 (Intermediate & Advanced)

Learn anatomy through the most beneficial & proven learning medium, of physical 3-dimensional sculpture,  World Class Instructors, 50+ hours of original lectures & training, live demonstrations & one-on-one personal instruction. Level-1 is for beginners to intermediate artists, both digital & traditional, with a focus on female anatomy & form.
Course Overview: Andrew Cawrse only teaches this particular class every 2-3 years, so if you wish to study at this level, now is the time to sign up. Rarely taught or understood, learn anatomy ‘in action’ & capturing what happens/ changes with movement. *Prior Anatomy Training or comprehensive self-study is required as a pre-requisite.

ruly push your knowledge & apply it. Ideal for those wishing to pursue figurative art, digital or traditional. Training entails composing multiple figures, working from your imagination and live models simultaneously, capturing pose in action, anatomy in movement.

Course description: 2 x World Class Instructors, with 50+ hours of training & demonstration, with one-on-one instruction. Enjoy the benefits of also learning with colleagues in related fields who are striving for excellence in their art work.  You are taught tracking, expression of anatomy and most importantly understanding their surface form in action. Gaining this awareness and understanding is the ultimate compliment to advance your skills as applied to figurative work. You will be studying from live World-class models. Attendees get to take their sculptures, tools and lecture materials home with them (shipping options from the workshops are also available, and can be organized with event staff)

• Principle Instructor Andrew Cawrse 
Sculptor, Anatomist & former cg Model Supervisor, teaches both surgeons & artists internationally. Benefit from his experience both medically & artistically. He is also the only artist asked to teach anatomy with world famous sculptor Richard MacDonald.

• Work from Dynamic Composition & Imagination
Attendees are pushed both in their creativity & in capturing the figure in movement. Working from quick studies they will be challenged to use all their anatomy knowledge while working with & without the model. Advanced students compose multiple figures.

• Anatomy in movement
Attendees push their poses with dynamic movement to test their understanding of tracking & manipulation of anatomy. Several poses are worked on simultaneously by participantsOur custom sculpting armature stands allow for this creative freedom>

• World-class Models 
Due to physical requirements & level of conditioning required for this level of study / figurative art, Models used are from Cirque du Soliel or similar in this course. Model pictured is Stephan Choiniere 'in-pose' at the workshop, in an inverted handstand.

• Self Critique & Assessment
Attendees have to also assess & correct their work 2-dimensionally, drawing their 'work-in-progress' sculptures mid-session, with anatomy overlays, finding gaps in their anatomy education so self-correction & improvement become habit.  

• Instructor Critique & Assessment 
Attendees are required to highlight their pre-existing anatomy weaknesses to be worked on with the instructors, and so are encouraged to study their own existing work prior to the workshop to make sure this is addressed in this workshop.

• Live demonstrations in HD display
From revisiting anatomy foundations to advanced surface aesthetics, instructors present live demonstrations on each subject which attendees can follow on large overhead monitors, while continuing to work at their stations.

• Private Visit & Tour to Master Sculptor Richard MacDonalds 
Part of the course curriculum and anatomy study, Students will enjoy a private tour and & evening with the Instructors to world famous, master sculptor Richard MacDonald's, Las Vegas Galleries.
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You will receive a "Welcome Letter" after enrolling with details on supplies, materials, travel and accommodations.  Many questions you may have can also be answered by looking here> 

NO refund will be given for cancellation by applicant. Please note no refunds will be given for cancellation by applicants. If an applicant finds they can not attend a workshop, they are able to reschedule their attendance to a later workshop if prior notice is given by applicant. Participants in the workshops are required to use the materials and armatures specified by instructors for their courses - see workshop terms conditions, and FAQ's >

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